Bros for change


Bros for Change was developed to target those who have been labelled dysfunctional. Both directors having very diverse backgrounds and have worked in the at risk youth sector from year 7 all the way through to the serious delinquent youth offenders. Bros for change was developed from what was deemed real change, as opposed to baby sitting or ticking boxes for funding. Culture and identity from the basis of this program. A strong relationship must be there before any kind of education can be fed. Using Te Ao Maori protocols to break barriers and encourage respect for both the individuals and facilitators. Goal setting is realistic and achievable, to ensure we do not set our young people up to fail. We incrementally increase goals from day to day objectives through to longer term goals. This encourages the individual to learn self-worth and confidence as they progress to more demanding goals. Using this approach, we create a clear individual pathway to the major, functional goals, such as a driver’s license, apprentice training or member of a sports team. Within this framework, we run Te Reo Maori classes, physical training sessions, cooking sessions, camps and wananga along with whanau inclusive activities Bros for Change is here to create Self-esteem, self-awareness, self-respect, self-management and role models for the next generation. We are real people with real talk and make real change.



  • Te Pūtahitanga Funded Initiative

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