Puha Pesto


Puha Pesto is a whanau driven business and subsidiary to Waka Whenua Limited based in Motueka o Te Tau Ihu O Te Waka A Maui. Foraging for Puha was a chore disguised as an adventure when our children stayed with their grandparents Sonny and Mickey Puha. Yep, thats right, Puha's looking for Puha! We have grown our own Puha and whilst we have a deep respect for the Puha & Pork bones scenario, we have also developed a next level product that is just as close to our hearts. Puha Pesto! It is delicious, versatile, a little bit fancy and according to research by Otago and Auckland Universities, Puha contains more anti-oxidants than blueberries" ?


  • Te Pūtahitanga Funded Initiative

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