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Te Toki o Tahu Pōtiki (TP3) is an inter-generational fitness programme about whanau being active together regardless of age, ability or mobility; from pēpi to kaumātua. TP3 represents the work that lays ahead, how it’s undertaken and the importance of reaching our aspirations. The Toki indicates use and skill of a tool, in this case our tinana, usage throughout the process, and the energy and motivation needed to complete personal and whanau goals. Tahu Pōtiki is the common tipuna of Ngai Tahu and links our Runanga within Murihiku. Oranga wairua, oranga tinana, oranga whānau – Kotahitanga. TP3 promotes the healthy aspects of connecting to your awa, moana, maunga and whenua as a pathway to good health. Along with weekly fitness training, TP3 will include pakiwaitara and whakapapa as whanau hike up and around Takitimu and Bluff Hill/ Motupōhue and learn how Te Ara A Kiwa was formed. Teaching whanau how to dive for kaimoana whilst providing information and tikanga of our foreshore and seabed’s, as well as learning the histories in other rohe around Murihiku. Taonga Takaro– waka ama, ki-o-rahi, and whanawhana are other aspects that can be implemented as part of our weekly training programme.



New Zealand


  • Te Pūtahitanga Funded Initiative

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